At Your Purposeful Living™, community is very important.  As women, we go through so many delays, disappointments ad struggles that don’t allow us to become the highest version of ourselves.  We are committed to making sure that as many women become the highest version of themselves and reach their highest potentials.  The way way that we ensure this is by creating community.  Community fosters trust and openness.  It allows us to voice out what is in the depths of our hearts.

In the Your Purposeful Living Community you will receive training and attend workshops that will help us and push us into those areas that we true desire for ourselves.  We focus on specific areas that we believe are the key players in the lives of women.  The 5 pillars that we cover at Your Purposeful Living include

  1. Purpose + Abundance
  2. Personal Development
  3. Spirituality +  Energy
  4. Mindset +  Mindfulness
  5. Wellness + Beauty

YPL Communities are small groups where we can gather and be open around each other so that we are no longer suffering in silence or wandering the waves of life on our own.  You will meet women like yourself who have a desire to become great in life and who knows you may even meet life long sister friends in the group.  We are guaranteeing you that you will find the help that you desire where you need the most help as a woman.  The ultimate goal is that you create a mental shift, raise your awareness and energy and fully tap into your own individual faith, purpose and fulfillment for life.  It is possible to be totally fulfilled however you cannot do it own your own, you need a tribe behind you.

Most importantly belonging to a YPL Community is FREE!  Totally FREE for you, you just need an open heart to receive.

If you are interested in joining us click here.  We would love to have you! (once you join the list our meeting location will be sent to you)